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Carraro "Tre Cavallini" is the brand of Carraro Group dedicated to its tractors ranges since the 1960s.

Multi-year collaboration with prestigious OEMs, such as John Deere, Massey Ferguson and Claas, Carraro has also developed and consolidated technical skills of a very high standard.

Carraro is close to all the people, who have a strong link with the land. Through its dealer network, in fact, Carraro has the opportunity to collect directly feedback, ideas and suggestions and to transform them into the evolution of Carraro tractor range.

In a sector where it is essential to innovate and propose products suitable for different contexts of use, Carraro is constantly committed to meet the high requirements of customers, helping them to achieve greater profits and operational efficiency without sacrificing comfort.

The Rovigo plant is the place where the whole range of Carraro tractors is conceived, designed and produced, in parallel with special tractors (vineyard, orchard and standard) for the world’s leading agricultural machinery manufacturers.

The Carraro range is focused on six main models (Orchard, Wide Orchard, Low Orchard, Vineyard, Large Vineyard, Wide Low Vineyard) available with engines from 80 to 110 horsepower and declined in a large selection of variants designed to meet the widest needs of end users.

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