Climber 7.18

Brush Cutter

Climber 7.18

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Ideal for cutting high grass, bushes and shrubs on slopes and irregular ground.

The Grillo Climber 7 can safely climb slopes and is very efficient in maintaining overgrown, neglected areas, agricultural areas and lawns.

the extreme maneuverability, smooth steering and speed lets the machine work quickly and efficiently while remaining simple and easy to operate.

The steering radius is extremely small, only 45cms, allowing the operator to mow in tight areas.

The front axle and the tractor type tyres ensure both a firm grip and traction in irregular and low-adherence ground.

Transmission consists of a hydrostatic axle with an oil cooling fan, which is necessary to improve the transmission performance by reducing its working temperature.

The mechanical diff lock is standard and operated via foot pedal. This device is indispensable for working on low-adherence slopes and in the case of extremely uneven ground.

Climber 7 is equipped with service brakes on four wheels, they are engaged via pedal and those on the front wheeels are fitted with anti-grass protections. Brakes ensure safety on slopes and slippery soils.

SOLID cutter deck front wheel, puncture-proof!

Engagement of the blade is via an electric push-button situated close to the steering wheel. The cutting height ranges from 3-5 to 8-5cm and can be selected from the seat by operating a lever giving 6 cutting positions. This lever also has a further transfer position which is used to raise the cutter deck from the ground. In this position blades are automatically disengaged allowing you to easily drive over kerbs and other obstacles. The cutter deck belt is self adjusting. The whole cutter deck is constantly kept parallel to the ground thereby improving the cutting quality even after many years use. 

Implements available with this model are as follows:

Orientable front blade 125cm with rubber end available

Coupling for Snow Blade

Snow chains for rear wheels

Seat suspension kit

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Grillo Climber 7.18 Grillo Climber 7.18 Grillo Climber 7.18 Grillo Climber 7.18 Grillo Climber 7.18 Grillo Climber 7.18 Grillo Climber 7.18