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High performance sprayer, equiped with a double centrifugal turbine.

    Distributes air via two dedicated polyester tubes of 225ø, the result is increased air flow and more speed with less air friction and less horsepower required.  Airflow is clustered to achieve longer spraying range.

    Frame: Special galvanised steel with extendable shaft and wheeled foot support
    Main reservoir: Reinforced fiberglass
    Pump: High pressure with ceramic piston heads
    Multiplicator group: Steel box with two-speed oil-sprockets and neutral
    Output cones: Two tubes of 225 ø
    Controls: Electric, 2 sections fitted in the tractor cabin
    Filters: In filling lid, in the suction of the pump with high self-cleaning pressure
    Turbine: Double centrifugal turbine with 60 blades of 510ø
    Clutch: Large with Ferodos
    Axis: Reinforced, removable, adjustable in height and width
    Rotating hitch: Yes, reinforced with bearings
    Team of lights: Yes, with reflectors, according to CE standards
    Braking system: Double hydraulic braking circuit starting from 3000 litres
    Transmission to the tractor: Yes, constant velocity, reinforced with protection according to ce regulations hand-washing unit
    Folding of the arms: With two independent pistons and anti-shock springs


    • Independent hydraulic arm tilt with parallelogram design.
    • 5 element unit with 5 manoeuvres and with relief solenoid valves.
    • Tandem axis for difficult terrain.
    • Different spraying outlets configurations tailored to different crop types.
    • Retractable arms.
    • Extendable arms.
    • Ability to lower the turbine outlets.
    • Solenoid valves.