Vigneto TIIIB

Tier 3B (Tier 4) Tractor

Vigneto TIIIB

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In specialised agriculture, inter-row space is becoming increasingly reduced, as farmers try to boost the profitability of their land.

This has led Carraro to develop a machine that covers all widths from 1.10m to 1.60m, in both flat and hilly conditions. 

The wide range of wheel combinations, from the 24" versions to the 28" ones, means the tractor can adapt to meet various needs in terms of flat ground work of hillside stability.

Equipped with a heated/air-conditioned cab with six pillars, 1000mm wide, the Vigneto is ideal for working even the narrowest rows, ensuring a comfortable driving position for the operator whilst guaranteeing excellent all-round visibility.

The ample choice of configurations and options make the Vigneto a highly professional tractor: the EH distributors, power reverse, electronic hoist, P.T.O. and front hoist are just a few of the many options available.

The Vigneto tractor models are the 75V, 85V, 95V and 105V, with the new high-performance Stage IIIB FPT engine (3,400hp) with electronic injection. Like all the Agricube range, the distinguishing feature of the Vigneto is that the DOC/DPF device is located outside the bonnet; a choice that has helped maintain the compactness and visibility that are so important in a specialised product.

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