Tier 3A Tractor

Carraro Frutteto Basso TIIIA Tier 3A Tractor

The new Low Orchard joins the family of tractors with the Agricube brand in its own right, further enlarging the already wide range of models: Vineyard, Wide Vineyard, Orchard.

Carraro Frutteto Largo TIIIA Tier 3A Tractor

Versatile, sturdy and high performing are the adjectives that best describe this new model which can be used in both the open field and the orchard.

Carraro Frutteto TIIIA Tier 3A Tractor

The Agricube Frutteto is painstakingly designed to simplify operations and make driving a pleasure.

Carraro Vigneto Largo Basso TIIIA Tier 3A Tractor

The characteristics of the Agricube Vigneto Largo Basso make it the ideal work colleague for those needing a tractor that combines power and reliability with a limited height and width.

Carraro Vigneto Largo TIIIA Tier 3A Tractor

The Vigneto Largo model meets the needs of today's farmers, providing a practical and reliable solution while still guaranteeing good comfort.

Carraro Vigneto TIIIA Tier 3A Tractor

Available in a version with cab or with a platform with folding front roll bar.