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Italian tradition with cutting edge design.


Exclusive Australian distributor of


Trust General sprayers for precise chemical delivery to your vineyards and orchards.

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Nardi Group is market leader in agricultural machinery production.

Exclusive Australian distributor of


Italian built tractors for canopy, pergola or pot-cultivated crops..

Exclusive distributor of


Material handling at it's best.

Proud distributor of


Italian precision, coupled with rock solid construction.


An extensive range of hand-picked products from world-class manufacturers — trusted to meet the needs of Australian growers.

At Selmac, we're particular about the brands we distribute — it's important to understand the history, manufacturing techniques and practices that go into producing high quality, reliable farming equipment. We've travelled the globe, building great relationships with world-class manufacturers and looking for exciting new products and innovations.

The products and brands distributed by Selmac Group are a reflection of this process — hand-picked to meet the needs and expectations of Australian growers.

As a leading distributor, we have worked hard to align our company with top brands. Our extensive inventory and solid partnerships allow us to be your trusted supplier of reliable machinery. Our range makes a fantastic addition to any product catalogue, allowing you to bring quality and innovation directly to your customers.

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Top brands from around the globe

Selmac is bringing the latest innovations in quality agricultural equipment from world-class brands to dealerships across Australia. Help your customers improve efficiency, save costs and get an edge in a competitive market.


With a wide range of horticultural and agricultural farming equipment, we have the products to meet the needs of your customers.

Our available product range includes:

  • Tractors
  • Sprayers
  • Pallet Handling
  • Forklift Trucks
  • Rotary Hoes
  • Tillers
  • Wood-Fired Ovens
  • Tree Shakers

and other specialised equipment.

Select a brand below to learn more and see a range of available products.

Italian tractors known for their reliability, versatility and performance

Italian manufactured tractors for specialised agricultural industries.

Spanish machinery for an array of crops, developed using in-house technology

An Italian-based market leader in agricultural machinery, from soil working and tillage to crop protection

Keeping your product moving — quality pallet handling equipment and forklifts with firm roots in Australia

Highly dependable Italian machinery for cultivating vineyards and orchards

We understand the needs of growers — and what is expected of their equipment — because we've been there.

A little bit about


A wealth of knowledge and expertise born of a rich family history in farming and agriculture in Australia.

Selmac Group is a national distributor of agricultural and horticultural farm equipment. Supplying dealerships across the country with world-class machinery, we seek to bring the latest innovations in agricultural technology to the growers of Australia. We're a growing company, investing in staff training and adapting to exciting new technology.

Selmac Group is proudly family owned and operated with a rich history in agriculture. With over half a century of farming experience forming the basis of our knowledge and expertise, we've turned our attention to the machinery that helps keep our industry running. We understand the needs of growers — and what is expected of their equipment — because we've been there.


We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise born of first-hand experience. Our family history in agriculture started in Mildura, producing dried fruit. It continues to this day — we're still growing table grapes and maintaining fruit orchards.


We're committed to meeting the needs of dealers and the agricultural industry through excellent, old-fashioned service and the highest quality products. With passion and dedication, we're supporting dealerships every step of the way.

Ongoing Sales Support

We provide ongoing support for the products we distribute, including assistance with staff training and product familiarisation. We have great ongoing relationships with manufacturers to get queries answered and issues resolved.

A Well-Stocked Parts Centre

We keep your customers' machinery running post-sale with a comprehensive line of replacement parts. Our Parts Centre stocks a large range of parts & accessories — we offer genuine parts to suit many different machinery brands and models.

Australia-wide Distributor

We handle the importing of products from manufacturers around the world. Operating out of Victoria, Selmac Group distributes to dealerships right across the country. Wherever you are, we have your business covered.

Working with


World-class machinery and dedicated service to match — a reliable product distribution partner

At Selmac Group, we are interested in building lasting relationships with dealers across the country who share our passion for agriculture and innovative, high-quality machinery. Through product imports and distribution, our well-stocked parts centre, excellent ongoing support and our dedicated dealership portal for sales resources and documentation, we're committed to building a reliable and trustworthy pathway from manufacturers through to the growers of Australia. We work hard to serve dealerships with the same dedication that has carried our family through half a century of farming.

We're always happy to meet potential new partners. If you have any queries about our products and services, or are interested in selling our products in your dealership, we'd love to hear from you. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are always available to answer any questions.

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